Billybob hits the Gym – First Year Animation Assignment

A 15 second character animation assignment, entitled “I wasn’t expecting that”. I was provided the Maya character rig. I think the animation is a little too quick – maybe 5 more seconds would have helped me get the emotions across better. One tricky part was when he gets up on his knees: because the rig had IK legs, I had to counter-animate every frame that his knees were supposed to be static.

This was done in my free time (i.e. not assessed) to train myself on a few things: Maya’s procedural shader system – not a single image texture was used; linear workflow and relatively correct lighting in Mental Ray. I designed the futuristic gym machinery, which you should be able to see subtly moving. I quite like that most of the workout machines require arms, which our potato sack with legs, Billybob, is missing!


Also, short loop done in the same project:

Rather than a walk cycle, I wanted to do something more interesting. I think it took about 2 days. The most enjoyable part was looking up reference of people falling off treadmills!


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