Impermanence Major Project Breakdown


I finished my Final Major Project yesterday, after a few months of hard work! It’s a first-person puzzle platformer game called Impermanence, where you lead a character through a purgatory world full of souls. You have lights you can shine on normally invisible objects to make them solid. We intended to create complex story arcs for the game, depending on who you were leading and if it was past or future.Screen2


I worked with a great team of three artists from the Bournemouth Computer Animation course (Zack Goodrich, Jamie Bell, Kodie Williams), and a fantastic sound designer/ composer Billy Ross. Thalia was voiced by Kristyn Mass. I implemented their work and did all the programming in Unity, made FX, prop assets, lit the level, helped design the game, helped write dialogue and made some sound effects.

Currently I’d like to fix lots of things and add a trailer, but you can see my contribution breakdown for the game as it was handed in:

I’m pretty happy with the result. I used the RAIN Unity plugin for AI pathfinding, which is pretty great. I learned a huge amount over the year, from this and the other projects I did, and hopefully I’m a better coder as a result (although you might not think it looking at most of my code!). The team worked fairly well together despite no leader/ director/ producer.

Get in touch if you’d like me to explain anything in detail or would like an early version or playthrough video of the build!


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