Vampire in the Village (Ludum Dare 33)

Wow, it’s been over a year since I posted anything. I can’t believe I haven’t done a game jam outside EA for that long!

Here’s my entry for the current LD 48 hour competition, the theme being “You are the monster”. No sleep lost which is always nice!

Ludum Dare link

Web build

All other platforms and source code


Vampire in the Village – as a stranger to the community, you must avoid causing suspicion while maintaining your health with a drop or two of blood. Gossip is your enemy, but a tactical bite can shut up the worst blabbermouth.

Controls are:
– Right-click to move and turn
– Left-click to pan camera
– Q to Bite a victim
– W to Charm the nearby villagers
– E to Glide faster than usual
– Space to re-centre camera

Townspeople have health and suspicion, which contributes to the collective town’s suspicion level. Reach the limit and the game will end. Charm can be used to remove some suspicion. When you get too hungry, your health will drop and you may die. Bite people to remain alive and satiate the hunger. Don’t move while biting or you won’t get the benefits! Biting causes quite a commotion, and should not be attempted in a crowd!

I’d love to know how you find the game, and how long you could last! Maybe someone will even kill the whole village! Comments welcome 🙂






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