Impermanence Trailer

I created a trailer to show at the grad show. Also a facebook page so people can get updated on the game’s release:

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Lighthouse Destruction

Watch in HD please!

I spent 8 weeks at Framestore in London doing an FX internship. As well as working on FX on exciting films (which I would love to talk more about after release), I was asked to do a personal project in my free time, and present it along with all the other interns.

I had never done much in the way of FX before, so my idea was perhaps a little overambitious – I wanted to create a lighthouse like this one: Faro de Cabo Vilánand destroy it with a cannonball and a massive boulder as if it were under siege.

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Art Compilation Gallery

I was asked to put together some art for an interview, so trawled through the last couple of years and picked some bits and pieces. I’ll try and keep this page updated with sketches and paintings in the future.

Pre-University CG

I worked for Inspired Labs in Oxford for a year and a half. Here’s an internal project we did:

We used 3ds max’s Quicksilver renderer to make it render on the graphics chips at ~2 seconds per frame. This was the first hardware renderer I used, and wasn’t ideal. I made a shader to get the pngs to render properly with transparency. I wrote a Maxscript to automate the pipeline of creating character rigs from the png images. I used CorelDraw and Photoshop for the characters and environments respectively, and After Effects for compositing. For another project, I led a small team to create an animation from scratch while my boss was away. It was stressful but I learnt a lot!

Here’s the showreel I sent to get into that studio – certainly not a reflection on my current skills!